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July summer special Fine Art Portraits

Long Island NY fine art baby portraits

During the month of July if you book your baptism / christening with Christos, you will be recieving  a complimentary fine art lifestyle portrait session of your little one. All sessions will be booked between Monday-Friday, all sessions will be photographed at a location that brings out the best for the child.


New York and Long Island Fine Art Baby Portraits


Christos Hountas Photographer is an independent photographer located in Bayside Queens NY. As one of the most sought out photographers for Greek Baptisms / Christenings, his approach in capturing your event is based on the concept of naturally expressive imagery. To find out more about his Baptism / Christening photography in NY and Long Island use the contact form for detailing collection offerings.

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The beliefs of a visual artist

During a recent consultation with a bride, things took an interesting turn when she made a comment that she did not like black and white images and wants all the images in color. Honestly it kind of made me pause and say to myself that’s interesting, and the fact is I do show a large number of black and white wedding images, out of my nine wall displays currently six are black and white. But I have been thinking about the comment since the consultation.

As creative visual artists we have spent time in developing our style, vision, techniques and even our postproduction “signature look”. Are we able to just flip a switch and change everything we do and believe in just to book the wedding?

This is the question I asked myself and I believe the answer is yes and no. If you are a photography studio or photographer that wishes to book every client that walks in your door the answer is simply yes that switch can be flipped because it’s no longer about the integrity of the work produced but rather, I will agree to anything and do anything to get the booking. How does one maintain passion in the work with this approach?

On the flip side you have photography studios and photographers that truly believe in what they produce, they believe in their art, they believe in their brand, they believe in the visual representation of the images and they will not change this belief.

I fall into the camp of maintaining our passion, our vision of the day unfolding before us. For me the emotional content of a black and white image without the distraction of color is so powerful that I’m not able to compromise on that vision. For me personally I photographically think in black and white and enjoy it, although a small portion of images are actually produced and provided in black and white. Those that are provided in black and white, I feel are so emotionally charged due to the absence of color that the image will not feel right to me presented in color.

Don’t get me wrong I love color and 90% of the wedding images are provided in color, but that small number of black and white images is what drives my passion and challenges me during your wedding to produce the sophistication and elegance that is presented before me.

Christos Hountas

Black and white wedding photography for the contemporary Greek bride.

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Your Baptism my Vision

Baptism Christening Photography Long Island New York.

Photographically speaking tastes and styles change over time and many techniques are employed to alter the visual meaning of a photograph. Many of these changes are performed as an after thought with a heavy hand in post production using such tools as photoshop. My take on this, just because you can does not mean you should. Of course unless you are looking for this sort if imagery.

My vision as a Greek baptism christening photographer is simple, I’m a people photographer that captures the purity and emotion of the day. I strive to capture the natural expressive beauty in each image that can convey a story and stand on its own. I believe a minimalist approach is the only way to capture an elegant affair and to maintain the visual appeal as one can remember this event by.

In order to produce the images in this fashion they are captured in available light which produces a result that may not appeal to everyones palate. As such a large portion of images are provided in black and white as shown on this site. Why black and white? I personally believe it’s the purist form possible without the distraction of color to convey my vision. If you believe we are a fit contact me so we can schedule a consultation and go over the details of your littles ones day.

Baptism Photography

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Christos Hountas Long Island Photographer

As the story has unfolded and progression has taken place, evolution was only a mater of time. Photography By Christos, was started many years ago as an outlet for my own personal photography and has evolved into capturing moments during weddings and baptisms for clients. Unfortunately the brand for Photography by Christos was not able to transform at the same pace and has become outdated very quickly.

As the brand has taken an identifiable role in the progression of my photographic wedding and baptism / christening works and vision, a new website has evolved at the same time along with a brand identity, Christos Hountas Photographer has taken over and will be filling this role. Make no mistake as one of the leading boutique  Long Island Wedding Photographers and Long Island and New York Christening photographers the visual imagery produced will be unmistakable and identifiable. With a strict adherence to my photographic vision of photojournalistic and fashionable wedding and baptism photography I will be providing clients with joyous and memorable imagery for a lifetime.

Christos Hountas Long Island Wedding Photographer

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